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Push Up Bra
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Most women desire to feel sexy. They want to look their best, feel their best and simply feel good about themselves all around. One thing that many women turn to in order to make themselves feel sexy is a push up bra. However, there are both pros and cons to these bra types.

Pros To Wearing A Push Up Bra

A push up bra can quickly and easily repair what nature has done to a woman’s chest. Children and age can make breasts sag unattractively and uncomfortably. This bra can do the same thing as surgery, except it is much, much cheaper, quicker and offers no recovery period. Plus, a surgeon cannot mess up a bust-enhancing bra, as they can possibly err with a breast augmentation procedure. A push up bra can make a small chested person appear larger as well. Instead of having a shirt hang on her, a woman can look one or two cup sizes larger to fill the shirt out instead. Even a woman with an A cup can appear to have cleavage with a push up bra. A push up bras also, surprisingly enough, often has the efect of making you look slimmer.

Cons To Wearing A Push Up Bra

However, push up bras are not all positive. All bras have their pros and cons (for example, a sheer bra can be comfortable, but not offer the amount of support you might need), but the cons to a push up bra are probably the most serious. First of all, push up bras make women look fake. A woman wearing a push up bra is putting something on that makes her body different than that of what it truly is. Sure, it might attract someone to her from the get go, but once he realizes that it is not real, he might be more inclined to forget about her. Second, women today want respect. They want respect in the work place, at home and in social settings. When you are wearing a bust-enhancing bra, you are using your body instead of your mind to get what you want. A woman wearing a push up bra at work simply is not appropriate (for most professions anyway). Instead of having the male boss respect her, she is simply going to have him wrapped around her finger. Women need to earn respect based on their credentials and job performance, not just because of their body. A woman wearing a push up bra in an office setting is laughing in the face of years of women’s rights movements. With that said, a special bra in the bedroom with your husband can be a nice treat, but it should stay in the bedroom and not make its way out into everyday situations.

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