Bikini Panties Panties

Bikini Panties Can Make You Feel Sexy, Even If Nobody Sees Them

Bikini Panties

Women wear all sorts of panties. Some wear large panties that they typically call Granny Panties. These are for comfort more than anything else. They’re supportive and women usually wear them when they’re fairly certain that nobody will see them. Granny panties don’t make a woman feel sexy, however, as they’re usually not very attractive. …

Bras Long Line

Long Line Bras for extra support

Long Line Bras

The long line bra provides that extra bit of support where it is needed.  It will improve the lines of that elegant dress, without showing through, and will enhance that hour glass figure. Dominique Longline Lace Torsolette Bra Sexy, strapless torsolette. Ultra-sheer lace. Seamed, underwire cups. Shimmery nylon on bust and front panel. Lightly lined …


Buying Your Wife Or Girlfriend Women’s Panties

Wife Or Girlfriend Women’s Panties

Guys, if you are considering buying women’s panties for your significant other, you have to realize that women make decisions on their panties based on a lot of thought and determination. It’s not like us guys when we choose a pair of boxer shorts or briefs. We see our size and we snatch them up …

Lace Panties

Lace Panties Are Sure To Excite Your Significant Other

Lace Panties

Whether you’re on a date with someone you want to take the next step with, your honeymoon, your anniversary, or maybe you just want to make your boyfriend or husband go crazy with desire on an average night in without the kids; nothing does the job quite like a pair of lace panties. Lace panties …


Thongs And G-Strings: Be Bold – Bare All And Dare All

Thongs And G-Strings

When it comes to women’s swimwear the choices facing them are too many to count. In fact, there are also hundreds of different manufacturers who are providing even more options. Ever since the eighties there has been a shift in type of swimwear being bought by women and thongs and g-strings are good examples of …

Bras Push Up

Buying The Best Push Up Bra For You

Push Up Bra

Push up bras, first introduced in 1948, are structured so the breasts are lifted and pushed closer together providing enhancement to a woman’s cleavage.  Many push up bras contain padding usually made of foam or rubber, and in recent decades gel filled pads.  Wonderbra is the best push up bra name and is most commonly …

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