How To Look For The Best Form Bra

Best Form Bra
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If you are a breast cancer survivor, you know how hard it is to choose the right lingerie for yourself.  Finding the best form bra to suit your individual needs and taste can be made easier by following a few simple rules.

Today there is a wider range of mastectomy bras available in various styles and colors and more are being added to the market constantly.  There are also improvements in design and fit as well.  If you are not satisfied that the form bra you have is the best form bra for you, you should continue searching.

Having a well-designed and fitted form bra, along with a good fitting prosthesis, will help add balance to your posture while providing protection for your chest and cancer scars.  Having the best form bra also reduces the chance of back problems, as well as shoulder and neck pain.  Having the best form bra will also allow your pre-surgery clothing to fit well too.

Get Expert Advice

With the overall number of women wearing the wrong bra size, 8 out of every 10 women who are dealing with getting a form bra are even more challenged.  Make an appointment with a specialist to be fit for both your prosthesis and bras.  Then find a store that can help you from beginning to end.  Many department stores, and now some pharmacies, offer this assistance.  Online services are out there, but to find the best form bra you should do this in person.  If you want, bring a friend along to help make this a positive experience.

One Size Doesn’t Fit Everyone

If you are wearing the right style of bra, the best form bra for you that fits well, no one will know you have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy.  Also, your clothing choices will expand greatly from the big blouses and jackets.  Fill up the lingerie drawer with many styles and types including strapless, seamless, convertible, push-ups and contour bras.  Expand away from the simple white workhorse bra.

Walk Away From The Practical Rack

One of the best form bras you can purchase might just be the one sexy, lace bra.  If you choose to love and respect yourself and who you are, others will too.  Even after surviving cancer women need to feel feminine and beautiful from the inside.  Lingerie helps us to feel comfortable in our own skin.  When properly fitted, the best form bra will help you feel more comfortable with yourself and your ability to try new things.  Picking out one bra or camisole from the sexier side will improve your image with not only you, but your significant other as well.

Know Your Insurance Information

Before going to find the best form bra for you, check with the health insurance company to see how much coverage your policy provides and how often you can get replacement forms and new bras.  Knowing where you stand financially will help you with other choices.  And unfortunately, you can’t bring the bras back to the store.

Remember, your body has changed but you have not.  Given a newfound respect and appreciation for your body you may feel more comfortable in your own skin again.

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