How To Find The Best Fitting Bra

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In order to gain the most from your bras you need to have the best fitting bra for your body.  For this to happen you need to be aware of what your correct bra size is.  Knowing this not only improves appearance but also comfort.  There is also the embarrassment of having your breasts either bulging out or falling out of an incorrectly sized bra.

In order to find the best fitting bra you should always check your size before picking out any bra.  This ensures proper fit and accounts for any weight gain or loss since the last sizing and assures you the best form bra.  Thinking you are simply the same size as before will not ensure the best fitting bra today.

The Perfect Fitting Bra

The best fitting bra for your body should do five things.  Your bra should contain the entire breast without bulging or spilling out of the cup.  The bra should also not contain excess space in the front part of the cup.  The best fitting bra should rest level against your ribcage with enough room to slip two fingers in back between you and the strap.  The best fitting bra should support the breasts completely and remain in place even when the straps are off of your shoulders.

Before you purchase a bra, you should always check your bra size. If you think you may have lost weight or put weight on since you last bought a bra, don’t assume you will still be able to get into the same size bra – measure up again!

Getting a Good Fit

Getting the best fitting bra means getting a good fit.  The best way to do this is to for your current bra size.  This is done in three easy steps. First, stand up straight and wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage tightly under the bust so that it is firm.  This will give you your band measurement. Second, you will need to check your cup size.  This is done by wrapping the measuring tape around the fullest part of the breast, again making it firm but not extremely tight. Third, you need to add five to the measurement of the ribcage.  Round up to gain an even number if you find an odd number.  Then figure the difference between this measurement and the bust measurement.  This is your cup size.  If the measurement of the ribs, after adding five to the number, is the same as the bust measurement you are a size A cup.  Every one-inch above this increases the cup size by one.  Many bra makers are now offering half-cup sizes to achieve the best fitting bra for many women.

The bra sizes available these days are incredible, and whether you are large, small or in between you can get a great fit at the right price – and you can choose from some stunning designs and styles. You no longer have to compromise on the look, comfort and style of your bra, whether you are an A cup or a G cup. These days, the power of the Internet allows you to choose from retailers all over the country – in fact, all over the world – so choice is something you will have plenty of.

Colors and Materials

These days there is also a vast choice in colors and materials, leaving you plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a bra. Some of the popular materials for a range of occasions include cotton, lace, satin and Lycra. And the colors available are incredible. You can choose from white, black, red, green, pink, purple, beige, blue, silver, gold – every color you can think of. If you fancy something a little different, you can get all sorts of prints and designs on your bra as well, so the choice is endless.

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