History Of The Wonder Bra

Wonder Bra
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Many women swear by the Wonder Bra. They love the way it looks and how it makes them feel. These bras come in several different styles, such as push in, push up, demi bra, gel bras, bras with lace detail, seamless bras and strapless bras. Any type of bra you can imagine is sold by this particular brand. These bras look sexy but you do not have to sacrifice comfort for that sexiness. What many people do not realize is that Wonder Bras have been around since before the Second World War.

Where The Wonder Bra Originated

While the first Wonder Bra was trademarked in the United States in 1935, the brand was actually developed in Canada as Wonder Bra the Company. By the 1960’s this bra had become very popular with the new plunging push up bra. It was one of the best selling Canadian bra styles and is almost identical to the style of today’s Wonder Bra. In 1968 changes came over the company and the innovative bra eventually became the property of the Sara Lee Corporation.

When Did It Become World Wide?

The Wonder Bra did not become a worldwide phenomenon until it reached the United Kingdom in 1991. The push up Wonder Bra was a sensation in the early 90’s, despite the fact that it had been sold in the United Kingdom since 1964. The Sara Lee Corporation introduced this functional and innovative bra to the United States markets in 1994.

Today’s Wonder Bra

Although it started out as a push up bra, it is now a wide ranged lingerie fashion label spanning most of the globe. Oddly enough, in Canada the brand sells on the basis of its functionality, not its sexuality. However, in most of the world, the Wonder Bra brand is all about sex appeal. People purchase the Wonder Bra to get the best bra around. They want to wear it and feel sexy and desirable, as well as comfortable over all. This truly wonderful bra fits all shapes and sizes, and has a different style to fit every need. This bra can truly be called the best bra in the business for several reasons. It has been around for more than seventy years, and is still one of the most popular bras around. It has lasted the test of time, and if something endures the test of time it is because it is a good design which is comfortable and practible.It is usually going to stick around even longer.

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