Finding The Best Bra For You

Finding The Best Bra
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A bra is a blessing and a curse. Bras keep women in place and prevent chafing on rough material. Bras keep runners happy and women with large chests from having excessive back pain. But bras can also be a curse. Seventy percent or more of women wear ill-fitting bras. These bras cut into the rib cage and the arm pits, the cups cut the woman’s breasts in two, and the shoulder straps just dig in. Or, on the flip side, the cups are wrinkled and loose, the straps constantly slip, and the breasts fall out from underneath the cups. Finding the best bra for you is about finding the bra that fits you the best. If only finding the best bra was as easy as finding a comfortable pair of panties!

Finding The Perfect Fit

The best bra will fit you so perfectly that you might even forget it is there! This bra will be loose enough not to cut into your rib cage, but tight enough so that you do not fear that your breasts will pop out of the bottom of the bra. The best bra will have straps that fit your shoulders snuggly, but do not sag or fall off your shoulders. You will not have to constantly pull at them to keep them in place. This bra will also have cups that fit your breasts nicely. They will not give you overflow out the top, but they also will not be wrinkled and loose due to extra room. To find the best bra for you, make sure that you go to a nice bra retailer and get a professional fitting. That is really the only way to know if you are wearing an incorrect size.Differeny makes fit differently, so evemn though you have found the best bra in one style, it will not necessarily be the best bras in another design.

Finding The Perfect Style

There are many different styles and designs for bras. The best bra for you will be the style in which you feel the most comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable with cleavage, then a push up bra or a wonder bra is not the best bra for you! Even a demi bra offers quite a bit of cleavage enhancement, so you would want to steer clear of a bra like that as well. If you do feel comfortable with cleavage, or even desire more than you naturally have, then a push up bra, wonder bra or demi bra would be perfect for you. Sheer bras can be wonderful, but it might not be the best bra for you if you often times wear sheer or very thin material. Your best bra will have the perfect fit and be your perfect style.

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