Caring For Your Lace Bra

Lace Bra
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Lace is a very beautiful and traditional fabric. It is used to make curtains and other window coverings, table clothes and table linens, doilies and women’s clothing like lace bras. Because there are so many different uses and different types of threads and yarn that goes into making lace, different types of lace often require different cleaning methods. Some lace can never be washed, like vintage or very delicate lace. A lace bra, however, is something that needs to be washed.

Washable Lace Bras

There are several different types of lace. Synthetic lace, like nylon, polyester, spandex and other chemically created materials are usually machine washable. Make sure that you check the tag on your lace bra to see what type of lace it is. Natural fiber lace, like cotton and rayon, is  more also often  machine washable. However, still check the tags because a lace bra, panties or nightgown might say dry clean only.9Not very practable for the normal person!)

Washing Your Lingerie

When washing your lace bra, you will abide by a steadfast washing rule. Do not wash light bras with dark bras. Like with regular garments, mixing colors can result in the dye bleeding into the lighter colored fabric, ruining your lace bra.

After your lace bras have been separated according to color and you have a load for each specific color, place each lace item into a separate mesh garment bag for washing delicate items. You do not need to do a small load with only the lace delicates in the washer, you can do a large load with the delicates in separate bags. However, you will have to set the washer machine to knit, delicate, or gentle cycle. Use cold water for this wash cycle, and add soap according to the package directions. Make sure that you do not place the lace bra into the water until the machine is half filled with water and the detergent has been mixed in evenly.

Drying Your Lingerie

The “care for” tag on your lace bra should have instructions on how to dry. Some say lay flat to dry, others say tumble dry on low heat, and still others say to hang dry. If your lace bra does not have a tag, it is better to err on the side of caution and air-dry all of your bras. We all want our delicates to last as long as possible. If you care for your lace bra properly, it will have the longest life possible.

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