Buying Your Wife Or Girlfriend Women’s Panties

Wife Or Girlfriend Women’s Panties
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Guys, if you are considering buying women’s panties for your significant other, you have to realize that women make decisions on their panties based on a lot of thought and determination. It’s not like us guys when we choose a pair of boxer shorts or briefs. We see our size and we snatch them up and put them in the cart. Oh no, women’s panties are chosen carefully, with a few points of consideration thrown in. For example, depending on what kind of panties they’re buying, such as bikini panties, women usually select their women’s panties not only based on the size but also the occasion, whether or not they match their other undergarments, they think about who may see them and they also want to choose them depending on what they’ll wear over the panties. With all of this to be taken into consideration, buying women’s panties may now seem like a very daunting task. You may choose to buy her flowers instead.

Make It Easier

To make buying your significant other a pair of women’s panties easier, show her a magazine depicting panties and ask her what she likes. Or, when you’re at the store, pay attention to the types of panties she seems to prefer. These are great ways to find out how she chooses her women’s panties. Also, pay attention to any hints she may drop as far as what kinds of panties she likes. Another way to go about choosing the correct pair of women’s panties is to see what she wears on a daily basis. Go through her drawers (Without getting caught) and see what size she wears, what overall look she prefers as well as the variety of panties that she already possesses.

Keep The Receipt

The general rule about buying clothes for your women, whether it’s women’s panties or a shirt or blouse, is to always, repeat always, keep the receipt. How many times has your significant other received a gift at Christmas or on her birthday and feigned delight only to return that item to the store the next day? Probably too many to count, right? So make sure you always keep the receipt because most of the time she’s not going to be completely satisfied with the pair of women’s panties you choose. She will appreciate the gesture however, or hopefully she will, because it shows that you were at least thinking about her.

It’s Not Easy

If she doesn’t like the panties you choose, don’t feel like a failure. Women are very picky about their clothes, especially their women’s panties. It’s the thought that counts and every woman has her preference for the type of panties she wears. Again, if the task now seems too daunting, instead of buying women’s panties, you might want to choose another, easier, gift instead.

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