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Buying The Best Push Up Bra For You

Push Up Bra
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Push up bras, first introduced in 1948, are structured so the breasts are lifted and pushed closer together providing enhancement to a woman’s cleavage.  Many push up bras contain padding usually made of foam or rubber, and in recent decades gel filled pads.  Wonderbra is the best push up bra name and is most commonly associated with this type of bra.  Push up bras are different from padded bras in the placement of the padding where it is centered under the breast to lift them as opposed to simply pushing them inwards.

The best push up bra is one that is sized properly and does not produce a lumpy appearance or constrict the breast making it hard to breathe.  Having yourself sized before purchasing a push up bra is best.  Push up bra padding should also feel comfortable against the breast and sometimes gives a false look or feel, depending on the padding.  Finding the best fitting bra is important for comfort and style.

What To Look For

How are the wires attached?  Is the fabric well stitched and padded?  These are things you want to look for if you want the best push up bra.  The fastenings and strap adjustment are also important for finding yourself the best push up bra.  Being able to adjust the straps or the fastenings helps a great deal with comfort.  Be aware of the lace effects and where they are on the bra.  Lace that is at the top of the bra will provide more comfort for the nipples rather than lace that is midway down.  The best push up bra will have all these things built in.

Possible Health Concerns

Wearing clothing that isn’t constricting is best. Push up bra sizes that are too small can slow or stop blood flow from the chest, causing difficulty breathing; and has been known to cause fainting in some cases because the undergarment was too tight.  The best push up bra size will not have the wires digging into your skin which can, over time, lead to scaring.  Getting a bra that is too large will cause the garment to appear lumpy and will also feel uncomfortable.

When To Wear It

Even the best push up bra will only look good at certain times.  Wearing an outfit with a low cut neckline is one example.  The main effect of the push up bra was designed to allow women with smaller breasts to look fuller and produce cleavage, which is a normal effect for women with larger breasts.  But the best push up bra will not always provide the constant support needed for everyday wear.

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